inside my head forever

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I love fashion, music, skin, peaches and all those nice things that are sweet, sexy and dribble down your chin. Thought I should write a little since it's been a while.
I was away visiting a beautiful friend, things were good. I bought this top in a tiny cheap little shop with one off pieces. The lace covers my nips so I can go bra-less and it's just perfect for my mood right now. I never tire of lace or black, on my body forever and I'd be somewhat satisfied.
But he's in hospital and it's bad, so my thoughts are always somewhere else. I'm feeling very tiny and like I'm in the bottom of the ocean, a mermaid with messy blonde locks.
Things are tasting good but the air is whipping my soul and I want to run away to somewhere warm and pretty.
Songs are sounding a little stale but were going to see a lovely band soon which will hopefully shoot through my veins with a rush of delight.
I'll lift my hands up, let the wind run through my fingers and slow down my heart with the beat of that drum.

Luv Lux
x x x

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  1. now you just can let it pass and support everything, it's hard but it will shows results.

    I also never get tired of black, it's my favourite colour.