hairnet paradise

The other day it was announced that cocorosie were returning to
Dublin for a one night only gig, when we found out, my sisters and I almost died with delight.
We have followed and loved this band for years and years.
They have fed my soul like no other and I just can't get my head around.
Their music seeps into my veins, numbing me from the neck down. Tears streaming are the only visable quaint to show I'm still breathing. Every word and note that they make embeds somewhere deep within my soul, past or present. I know every shrill and every bleep they make.They fill me with light and darkness.
Their music holds a scent, like when your granny left the room and it still smelled of her perfume. Their music is a picture, one that never leaves your brain fully. Their music is a sound, the cracking of a fire or the silence of a cry. A heart murmur or a fallen tree. Breathing calmly or panting like a lion.

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Luv Lux
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  1. great blog, always a pleasure to stumble across other Irish blogs x

  2. re: your hair question...he used gigantic bobby pins and added extensions in the front for a giant pompadour thingy. it was awesome! i love you <3

  3. Great blog :) I have never been to Ireland, your blog makes me want to. Thanks for visiting mine! Great to hear from another tattoo fan! I just posted a new post on tattoos - Adele

  4. The second picture is so cute!

    Thanks for the lovely comment.


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