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I hate when people use the word 'naughty' it's just so completely sexually frustrated for those people with a constant blush while finger fidgeting, blood boiling and dying for a...

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Rance took this photo of me before I cleared my whole room out. Notice the bulging bags full of some interesting things and some ridiculous shite that st. Vincent's got given. Most of the ridiculous things had been stuff I'd bought at st. Vincent's including a purple glittery dress that reveals a vile amount of side boob. Hopefully Lindsay Lohan will find it and give it a nice home.

Luv Lux
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  1. Love your hair bows and your hair in general!!! Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog about my alice in wonderland pics ive put more up! check it out if uve time.
    vicki xo

  2. such cute photos!
    loving the blog!
    great posts
    stop by some time xx