was written on a t-shirt I had when I was 16. Obviously she's not, she's a church goer and charity worker who sometimes wears those clogs that the cleaners wear when your on holidays. Thankfully though, without the ''unique breathing holes''. And we don't even say ''Mom'' over here, it's ''Mum'' or ''Ma'' I was never cool enough for the later though.
Well thinking of that t-shirt and how lame that was (it was baby blue with yellow writing)
I did something equally lame last week in getting my tragus pierced. Yes, that is the little piece of cartilage closest to the face.Just saying, ''I have my tragus pierced'' sounds  ridiculous to me now. He did it with a gun which after reading up about it (after I got it done of course) realized, that that's not a good idea.So I took it out and now I look even more ridiculous because it looks swollen and red. I forgot how much of a pussy I am when it comes to cartilage piercings, they are ridiculously sore!
So over the weekend I found this at a market and came to the conclusion that I will never find anything cooler...

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yes it's exotic, you have to be over 14 to use them, and yes those two models on the front are probably the two coolest people you will ever lay eyes on. I especially like his painted on goatee.
So over the next couple weeks till I lose all of them, I will be sporting a new lip, nose and maybe even clit piercing. I will officially be cool ♥ yey!
eta: RESULT, I am officially cool! I now have my conch pierced twice, my septum, my lips on either sidewhich if your cool you'll know is called the snakebite for obvious reasons. ssssss

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also, I'm trying to make a dress for tomorrow out of a lace curtain. They had this one in topshop which was lush but it was €60 effing euro so I'm going to attempt (and fail) to make it myself. I am too excited for this tomorrow:

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eeee, I'm either going to cry/vom/die or all of the above.
Luv Lux
x x x


  1. hahaha i seen them too!!

  2. They suit you. I want some.

  3. i love tragus piercings..its not lame. they're cute..very cute. and old school. kissable.

    hope your having a lovely day/weekend


  4. mwahahaha that's cool!

    i love septum