the blood afterwards

I've wanted to make a post of all my tattoos and then Panda reminded me! I really should get someone to take some nice photos of them because it's way hard to photograph them myself. Anyway, so I'm wearing this lace thing I bought yesterday and neon spanks underneath! I am OBSESSED with nude lace and hot pinks/neon pinks/baby pinks underneath. It's just so lush!
Next year at college I get to make a mini-collection which I think is going to base around flesh colours using lace and chiffon and spandex! I saw this painting when I was rushing through town the other day, it was of a girl who looked like she'd just been crying and her skin was all blotchy and red. It was so beautiful though, so I want to base my collection on how beautiful skin can be with imperfections. Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic
I do the tattoos with a little gold safety pin because the spike is thin and sharp enough to poke little holes in your skin. You sterilize it, dip it in the indian ink and poke, dip and poke. Repeat about 92148509,,928,000 times untill all the dots have filled into the shape you want! BEWARE: they are trés addictive!
Luv Lux
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  1. YAY! Omg, they are gorgeous.
    I really love the triangle.
    Oh god. I am in such a tattoo-y mood.
    Im thinking about your method of tattooing.... and trying to find ink.
    panda xx

  2. oh you can get it in any art/stationary shops, it's only a couple of £'s mine is windsor and newton :)

  3. You look gorgeous!! I love your lipstick color!! And those tattoos look great although I'm too scared to get one! xoxoxoxoo

    also the tattoos look fabby!
    and yes you do need a pair they are gorgeous tights!
    thankyou for the comment on my blog :)

  5. wow your hair looks nice :D
    in what kinda shops can you get that ink? And, do the tat's stay, or do they faint after a while..?
    xx, vic :)

  6. Loving your tattoos! I love the bird one! I have two lil bird very similar on my side and I have a star exactly where your bird is :)
    - Adele

  7. WOW! you're so clever (brave) to do those tattoos yourself!!
    loving the blog
    stop by some time xx