bad things happen in 3's

Just a sneak preview of a shoot I'll be posting tomorrow. we found this boy in urban and asked if he'd do a shoot with us. His names Rusty and he looks proper amazing in all the photos. He gave us the perfect smoldering look and disinterested poses and I'm so excited to post them all and a video we made but tomorrow because Fiona has the camera.
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It's so cold now, your eyes constantly glazed over and fumbling for words as the last one hangs in the air for a moment and you think of the perfect thing to say, but it's gone and your head bows and he's gone when you look up. And you remember how he swung his arms when you held hands and how his eyes flicked just before he smiled.
Having a cigarette outside my window alone and watching the smoke curling upwards and fading. Everything seems stagnant. Although I try to stop it, my mind dances through the broken memories of our first kiss. You were leaning against a lamp post and the yellow beam lit up your face like a neon halo. We could see our breath in the air between our faces and thud thud everything became a blur. And now were here. How?
~*everyone seems to be having boy dramz*~
Luv Lux


  1. Cool shot Luxi :)
    Thank you so much for the comment ^_^

    Happy new Year!


  2. you write beautifully. can't wait to see the shoot, and thanks for the comment!

  3. ooo cant wait to see the other photos!

  4. lovely word and great picture.. can't wait for the next shoot..

    Happy new year


  5. Can't wait to see the shoot! Love your style and blog so much! Thanks for the wonderful comment! As ever hope you visit back! Plus Happy New Year!