black is the colour


what I love about photos is that they can bring you back to a place or a scent or even, so much the opposite that your staring at the shiny rectangle and cannot imagine being back there. I like photos with a certain secret emotive that only the taker and the people in the photo can connect to. But a picture can say a thousand words and with these words so strong in my mind; things that have been happening. That will forever be etched inside, somewhere. I have come back from London with equal measures of longing and sweaty inspiration. The longing to be free and the soaking up of the fact that even though it may only be a forty minute plane ride the difference over there is that of another planet. I need to click click away as I have been flitting like a butterfly's wing the past while. But will hope to stand on something now that the sun is coming out and burning things in my mind, everyone is moving clicking clicking.

Luv Lux
† † †


  1. the second picture is terrific
    i agree, certain pictures could leave you lingering over something, and that something would always be inside you

  2. Amazing as usual. So sad I missed you in london :'( Panda xo Thanks for your lovely comment! I'm finally back in london, sorry for the late reply.

  3. thank you for your sweet comment, it means the world!