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a few photos I had lying around that I was too scarlet to put up due to the literal state of me in most of them, but I'm dying of a cold so haven't been taking pictures. F LYF and I have thrush, I hate having to itch my vajee in public but it has to be done and it is exquisite. Any sufferers wanna share helpful tips~comment below kthxbai

Luv Lux
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  1. Niiice tits hun! :)

  2. the fact you posted the pic of your knicks worries me bb... ive heard natural yoghurt too AND cranberry juice (drunk not applied) is very good for the aul vajeen xx

  3. No words can describe it, except: Wow! Yeah!

  4. there is beauty in everything, even in blood stained knickers. I put a tablet up my vajeen and it worked! I got a photo of putting it in because it just looked so odd like a little angel was sitting inside. But I won't post it, too XXX


  5. i loove the first picture!! <3

  6. natural yogurt (plain) applied to your vaj works really well. there are also many anti-candida diets that you can go on to kill the bug so you won't be as likely to get it again. i've been meaning to look some of them up myself. x