I am selling all of my clothes bar my shorts, those t-shirts and one going out dress. I have all my clothes in black bags piled on top of one another in my spare wardrobe.
I'm going to have all my girl/gay friends over to buy them and drink cocktails at my place this or next week to sell them all for a couple € we can drink and dress up and you can bring your clothes to swap or something.
I just want to eradicate soulless things from my days. Like trawling through my wardrobe to choose something to wear to just throw on the same t-shirt that's never been washed for an unknown reason.
I don't know how many people from Dublin or Ireland read this blog but I'll post when I'm doing it and you should come and buy my $HIT!

Luv Lux
x x x


  1. Gah! Sounds incredible, I wish I could be there. You should definitely post photos!

  2. can i please come over ugh why do i have to live in london :'( xxx

  3. I wisssh i could come, haha, i've always wanted to go to a clothes sale/swap party :D + i lovee the little kitten and cat in the photos too, so cute!!

  4. you should keep a cute little something for me, i would love to buy it! :-) rishy xoxo

  5. Are you selling your clothes?
    The Nirvana's t-shirt is awesome.
    I want to see your online shop, haha.


  6. oh. selling my clothes. a project i've been putting off for ages.
    wish i could stop by - but switzerland is propably a little too far away. too bad.

    xx // themerrimari.blogspot.com

  7. Awww man I wish I was in Dublin or Ireland right now. I agree with you, I always wear the same over sized grandpa cardi, a singlet and leggings; that's the basic go to outfit for every thing. But I'm finally content with my material 'stuff' and now spend all my money on food, travel and books

  8. J'adore !! T'es belle...

    Viens participer au concours sur mon blog pour gagner un bandeau H&M !