I'll kiss your open sores

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic some new things that make me a bit moist. I got this leather biker jacket at my local oxfam which made my jaw drop because it usually has F all. It was raining outside so I had a proper rummage which always seems to produce something wonderful. I've been looking for a leather for a couple months. I was checking ebay but for some reason the more worn ones were going for over a hundred notes which I don't have and I didn't want a squeaky clean looking one. The zip is broken but it only cost €17! +++ The uber tacky tiger/snakeprint (I love a marrige of animal prints, don't you?) crop top is a hookers delight. The flecks of gold through it too just give it that extra edge. Another thing I love about it is that it has the name Vanessa scrawled on one of the lables inside in bic pen. I bought it in wild child last week; one of my favourite vintage stores in Dublin. I had a ball in my throat when handing over the €2 as it was their last day open. +++ Purple is the colour of the moment, I am living with deep purple nails and a velvet scrunchie this thing has become like a child to me. It's the only thing that can hold up my hair properly and is just so perfect: purple, velvet and a scrunchie. I love saying that word over and over. One drastic day in town rushing around I lost. I felt like I'd lost a limb. Kept on reaching around my wrist to be followed with a frown. Running for the bus later that day after going into two shops searching for one like it, I saw it again! Glinting in the rain next to the paper stand. I squeeled with delight and tried to ignore the people surrounding me with disgusted faces, thinking I'd just picked up some disgarded hair bobbin as if it was covered in fleas. +++ Finally I have a confession to make. I love twilight! OK, I know, I know-I'm about a thousand years late but whatever. I first watched the movie and just could not get over how beautiful Robert Pattinson is. He's so achingly sexy and has stuck in a little splodge of my brain since I've watched it. I've got the chill! I feel like Edward has brushed the back of his palm over my cheekbone. Now reading the book it makes me want to go back to school so bad and experience a vampire love addiction!

 Luv Lux
 x x x

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  1. Luxy! I'm glad that you're back. These new pics are so psychedelic (:

    Peace and love!