the resting place of all that is damned

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letting the smoke cascade into my thirsty lungs. Wearing my new velvet which picks up everything, as does the leather. I went dancing with it last week; handy thing about a proper leather biker jacket (as apposed to the more designer fitted pussy leathers) is the amount of secret pockets so no need for a bag. I put a few dots of patchouli oil on it because it picks up every scent. You come home from a night out and the whole day and night is lingering on your outer black flesh with no escape. +++ seriously in love with H&M little boys section. Yes, I feel very wrong writing that. The rest of the store was frumpy dresses with piles of unnecessary jersey (vom) material. Well, I did manage to find a chic high waisted leopard print stretchy skirt (obviously when I say chic I mean border-line hooker) but for real, the kids section of H&M is killing it! I died over a faux leopard fur coat, tried on the 10-12yr but couldn't really move my arms in it. +++ I've started my Christmas list. The past couple years I was like, 'get me whatever' which leads to bad bad things. So I've already decided I want new lenses for my camera and the 1988 board game heart throb. I need the latter, need. I also really want the twilight board game so bad 'when you can live forever, what do you live for?' oh gwar, the cringe of it all! I'm off to bed, probably to dream about Edward. A new obsession is something I did not need. I was also looking at twilight calanders today-wtf is wrong with me?! I am 22, I'm embarrassed for myself! I must go to bed, maybe I'll wake up sane. Doubtful...

Luv Lux
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