today I found lots of lost things like 2 silver smoking boxes, barbie perfume and fishnets. tomorrow I'm hitting the topshop and UO sales. FINALLY! They've been on for 2 days already. I am breaking out in a sweat thinking that all of the good stuff is gone. I want to go in early but we've decided to go in later. I won't be able to sleep. Sales are serious buissness and I need/want so many things. I have ideas for shoots that I want to do,,,darkdarkdark. Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic Luv Lux x x x


  1. i have to wait til MONDAY to go to the sales! i'm literally on the verge of getting ian to go buy me stuff/crying cause i don't wanna pay for postage!

  2. I love to find things ...I thought I've lost I am so sad we don't have Topshop in Germany