Friday I went into the sales. I haven't been this excited for sales for ages, the mix of recession and sales make me almost choke with excitement. They were good but I'm not fufilled yet so I'm going in tomorrow again, alone and focused. I barely have any money and shouldn't actually be buying anything but it's an addiction. I bought some good things the other day but then I bought this belt in a size large so it goes around me twice and it's so wide it doesn't fit through any of my loops. Ridiculous, but I used the studs on these shoes I bought in a charity shop the other day. I also studded a bralet so now my fingertips are bitten from the spikes. It's harder than it looks... Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic Also, I can't get enough of this video, I've seriously had it on replay for the past half hour. Could it get anymore SXC? I wouldn't watch this now if your in a public place because it's totes orgasmic and you might make an uncomfortable scene. It's so ris-K that embedding has been disabled aparrantly so you'll have to click on this LINK as in the word link in capital letters. I am such a noob when it comes to linking,,,agh! Luv Lux x x x


  1. I love studded shoes. I really need to stud my own. Ive wanted to for so long.

  2. the shoes are very snazzy

  3. gorgeous outfit, adore the shoes!


  4. oooh sounds good
    everything's on sale here atm as well
    wanna go shopping so bad but i'm broke :(
    i love your top skirt and shoes :)