I go deep

I've been ill. Not the divine thrush that's been gone a long while and to be honest I almost miss it. Anything that excuses literally fingering yourself in public is fine with me.
I'm all achy break-y after catching something from Trevor; the man who's painting my parents house. More trouble than he's worth truth be told.
Since being ill I've been able to watch spice world and read a lot which is nice. I buy so many books and then have a big stack to read and don't give myself the time too.
I've also been soaking up inspiration from Alice Dellal. Me and my sisters are starting a band and thrush metal are our biggest influence. Here's some delicious videos I've been watching

I would 100% turn for Alice. Just putting that out there...
Luv Lux
x x x


  1. that´s great!
    love the first video btw, never seen it before :)

  2. yeah she's hot!

  3. I totally laaaave her. She's hot shit.
    Panda xxx

  4. oh i would totally turn for her too.

    this is emma from all in your innerspace btw