I hate that I haven't posted in so long but basically I've looked bad all week until today I'm back to normal. I went to dye my roots a few days ago using the same XXL shwardscoff or whatever it's called hair dye I always use. For some reason though this time they turned out neon orange. So clever me decided a little bit of blue directions hair dye would cool down the colour so I put a small bit of that in but it was like Jesus with the fish, a small did a whole lot and after I washed it out it turned out like this: Image and video hosting by TinyPic I just took that photo to see what the hell I looked like but turns out I looked just as bad as the mirror was telling me. Every dread was a different colour, I literally looked like someone vommed all over me. I apologize to anyone who had to look at me the past while but finally after days of obsessing and dying, re-dying, yahoo answering and scrubbing I am finally back, blonder than before. I haven't taken a picture yet so you'll have to live with that one of me looking horrible with my awkward ladybird washing basket in the back that has a big wire poking which I will probably be left ingured by sooner or later and, the flap of blue towel and my sisters mascarra she left at my house. I stopped wearing mascarra when I discovered faux eyelashed than stopped wearing them because I couldn't be arsed with either. Eyelashes are overrated, when done up they look tacky. Anyway, nice pictures tomorrow Luv Lux x x x


  1. I like it blue (: But id does look awesome blonde. When'd you start dying your hair, like how old were you? Panda x

  2. you look like a fairy!

    oh, and I think you mean Schwartzkopf?

  3. thaanks :D yours is really cool too x

  4. i knooow right D: i cant find them in white, the shops just sell black ones. do you know any shop on internet that maaaybe could have white ones? :D
    and the blue in your hair isn't that bad! :)
    xxx, victoria

  5. oh i love your hair!
    so prettyyy