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so much work to do this weekend.it's snowing and all I want to do is just strip off and bathe in it shivering till my teeth chatters voice what I need to do in a subconscious kind of way because everything important is finding it's way to the back of my head and cozying itself in a mound of unnecessary mush. I can't even be bothered to f myself into an oblivion and that's new.
Luv Lux


  1. Your comment was very kind.!

    You must be so creative girl. Your photos are really amazing , and so inspiring, you know?

    I hope you'll visit my blog again.:)
    I add your to my seeing!

  2. I cannot believe this, i randomly clicked on your link of a website, and here you are, you look alot like me! Alice Dellal is my biggest idol!
    Ill post some pictures on my blog, but im just trying to learn to use it, here is my facebook though, your like a twin.

    p.s i have long blonde dreadlocks also.
    Carissa, Queensland, Australia!

  3. http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1733063420#!/album.php?aid=23372&id=1733063420