thrush metal

I've had a bit of a hair disaster so cannot take any photos until tomorrow when hopefully my hair will be back blonde as apposed to the radioactive neon orange it is now. Also my favourite shorts I wear all the time are literally giving me thrush so I think I need to stick a tablet up my vaj to get rid of it so I can continue wearing them. I was watching some sex education show on channel 4 and they had these blown up pictures of different vaginas it made me actually want to die it was so gross. And the woman was asking which one was normal and I said the one in the middle but it was actually the one on the left the one in the middle was thrush vaj! I was all pulling my collar looking side to side saying I meant to say left... Anyway, here's a few photos I think our nice and have saved in a folder on my computer so I can draw them or let them seap into my dreams or something. Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic Luv Lux x x x


  1. The last one looks like a thrush vag being agitated by the bubblebath

  2. yeah, my friend took it of me. I took a bath the heal the thrushhhhh,thrush thrush thrush,.but the chemicals in the bubbles just agrivated it...


  3. i like the pictures! and.. get better?
    the collages arent on the walls themselves, my dad wouldnt like that, so I took HUGE cartonpieces to put the stuff on :)

    xxx, victoriaa

  4. ThrushVag, did you end up using bleach? i suggested stripper on the Hip.

  5. Awesome photos hahah. I watched that show too! It was so rank, but in such a hilarious way hahah. I was literally puking and laughing at once. Hope everything is good in the end with the shorts and all (:
    Panda xxx
    Thanks for the comment too - banging, nice word! :P

  6. wow cool pictures